Twas the weeks before Christmas, the time of year I always look forward to, with wintery temperatures,
shorter days and a flurry of activity! The activity is continues to be my favorite. After Thanksgiving, my
free time is filled with home decorating, addressing Christmas cards, shopping, baking, and celebrating
this magical holiday season with family and friends.

While 2020 has certainly been the a different year and as the Holiday season is underway, I still find
myself occupied with many of my favorite holiday activities, only this year, has forced us all to take a
safer approach. The traditional Holiday parties with cousins are now Zoom parties taking place from our
own homes. Rather than racing around to shopping malls looking for parking spaces, we shop online
and wait for packings to arrive in the mailbox or front step (which may not necessarily be a bad thing)! I
decided to bake less, and as a result will eat less! And with the additional time on my hands I find myself
enjoying some of my favorite Christmas Classics on TV.
The approaching holiday season is also a time to evaluate the past 12 months and take a look forward to
the year ahead. Looking back on this year has reminded me that I have much to be thankful for. While
the pandemic has altered how many of us spend our days, I believe it has only strengthened the
relationships with my family and friends. The events of this year have reminded me to take joy in the
simple things in life. For instance, I read more books this year than I have in the past five, which was fun
and enjoyable. I tried new recipes and found comfort in preparing special meals for my son and I. I kept
in touch with friends over the phone became on a regular basis which came reminded me about the
personal connection that does not exist when sending a text.
When the calendar turns to 2021, I promised myself to carry the positivity with me and to be the
foundation to face challenges and uncertainty in my life. May the joy and prosperity of this magical
season carry us all into the New Year and provide us strength, positivity and health!