Your credit card is not the only thing that will reward you with cash back these days! Recently insurance carriers began rewarding drivers for keeping a clean driving history with cash back for having zero claims.  These types of programs have been introduced to the market and allow an auto policyholder to receive annual cash back.  This attractive reward comes in the form of a percentage of annual premiums and is typically in the two and a half percent range.  The greatest aspect of this reward is that it does not apply to not at-fault accidents or comprehensive claims.  So as long as you remain a safe driver and are not involved in any at-fault accidents, you could now be rewarded for remaining a safe driver.  With ongoing changes in the insurance industry we continue to encourage our clients to review insurance coverage each year to verify you are have proper coverage and are taking advantage of unique policy features.  We strive to stay up-to-date, and be leaders in the insurance and personal finance industry to deliver accurate and reliable service to our community.  Creating optimum options for insureds to select for their insurance portfolios is the primary objective for the individuals we serve throughout every stage of life.  Ask us about these new policy coverage’s during your next annual policy review to see if they may apply to you!

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