Christmas Light Safety

Top 8 Christmas Tree Fires


Christmas Light Safety + Top 8 Tree Fires

Be prepared
Being prepared will help prevent avoidable claims!
I am always impressed by the creativity and effort of people who decorate their homes around Christmas time.   If you are one of the many who enjoy displaying their Christmas spirit by stringing lights on your roof or around your doors and windows, there are some smart safety steps you should take before you turn those lights on.

*Check for any frayed wiring or loose connections.

*If you have an older set of lights you may want to update them as the newer sets are safer.

* Keep your tree watered; there is an average of 250 Christmas tree fires each year.

*Insulated hooks are a better option to hang your lights vs. nails, screws or tacks.

* If you are using outdoor lights make sure they are rated for outdoor use, not all lights are rated so.

* It’s a good idea to turn off your lights when you go to bed or leave the house.

* Tape down any extensions cords that are on the ground to prevent people from tripping on them.

* To reduce the risk of shorts and shocks make sure your outdoor lights are plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet.

These are just a few ideas- Go to our website for some more tips:

Here are our top 8 Christmas Tree Fire pics

christmas tree fire

christmas tree fire

christmas tree fire

christmas tree fire

christmas tree fire

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