Each year we make time for annual wellness visits to our doctors and do the same to service
vehicles, home appliances such as heating and air systems, and even bring our furry little friends to
the vet so they remain healthy. Why should finances be any different? Like most items in this world,
finances will change. Common changes in personal finances include taxes, income, insurance
premiums and even the cost of everyday items like bread and milk. As these changes occur, it’s
important to check-in and review items such as budgets, outstanding debt balances, interest rates
on debts and savings accounts, costs of insurance premiums, cell phone contracts, cable and
internet subscriptions, and retirement account portfolios.
2020 has been a challenging year for many and further supports the reason why a financial check-
up can be beneficial. A personal finance review can find ways to improve cash flow, realign
budgets, increase savings, reduce debts and improve the overall health of your finances.
January is the perfect time to have an annual check in with your finances and think about the goals
you’d like to attain during the year ahead. Some individuals will consult and engage with financial
professionals as part of their annual review conversation which allows them to hear about various
changes and trends within markets, insurance and other finance industries.
The Montagno Agency is committed to being a part of your annual review conversation and
encourages our clients to reach out at any time to ask questions about your finances. From our in
house specialists to the many professionals we interact and refer to, our goal is to remain as a
leading personal finance resource in our community.