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Heating Season is Upon Us


Fall brings many changes…children return to school, leaves change colors and fall from trees, and homes require heat instead of air conditioning! As the colder weather approaches, consider the following tips as you prepare your homes for winter:

Inspect & Clean Chimneys.

They are an important part of the heating and ventilation system of the home. If used regularly, the chimney should be inspected & cleaned annually. Soot & creosote can build up over time; obstructions, such as leaves or a bird’s nest, can block the flow of air. These examples can cause smoke to build up in the house, leading to heating inefficiencies or even fires.

Schedule a maintenance checkup for your furnace of boiler.

Be sure to have the furnace serviced regularly to be sure it operates in both a safe and efficient manner.

Winterize pipes.

Turn off & remove hoses from exterior faucets. Wrap pipes in crawl spaces & unheated areas with pipe insulation or heat tape to help the pipes retain heat and assist in delaying freezing. During extreme cold snaps, occasionally run water through interior faucets & fixtures.

Fire prevention.

Be sure to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors regularly.