In 2018 we welcomed Alex Casella to our staff!  Alex brings several years of financial services experience to our team and is licensed in many different areas of insurance and financial services.  Among the many valuable services Alex provides to clients, he’s proficient and well-versed in life and disability insurance.  Life and disability insurance are a very different type of insurance compared to property and liability insurance.  Understanding how much, what type and from which company to get life insurance from can be difficult to navigate on your own.  The process for obtaining life insurance is comprehensive and can be challenging.  Alex serves as our in-house life and disability insurance person.  He’s an advocate for clients who are looking to provide financial protection to their family in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Beyond the product set, Alex has become seasoned in other areas of personal finance and strives to help individuals with financial options.  Alex also helps a number of clients with understanding employee, disability insurance, debt management, and savings goals as part of dedication to clients.   We are excited to have Alex as part of our team and encourage clients to reach out to him to utilize the services he provides our agency.  Alex can be reached at 203-574-5211 extension 108, or by email at [email protected]