The holidays are time when gifts given and received. Often times those gifts are of significant monetary
and even emotional value. As such, it is important to know that valuable items are eligible to be insured
on an insurance policy. Examples of common items scheduled on an insurance policy include jewelry,
fine art, photography equipment, collector items, and specific electronics such as advanced computers.
Now you may think to yourself, “A protection plan was purchased at the time the item was purchased, I
don’t need additional insurance.” What many don’t know is extended warrantee and other protection
plans only cover damage to the item. It does not provide coverage if the item is lost or stolen. This is
where a valuable items insurance policy come into play. Not only will you receive coverage if the item
becomes damaged, such as losing a precious stone in a ring, but it will also cover if the ring is lost or
stolen. Camera equipment will even provide coverage for accidently dropping a camera in water,
something that may not be covered under a store or manufacture protection plan. As an added bonus
when it comes to jewelry, you don’t need to take it to the jeweler every six months to keep the
protection plan in place! With everything that goes on in our daily lives, it is something that is easily
forgotten and with one of our policies you can rest easy knowing that you will always have coverage if
you wish.
If you are unsure if your item is something that you would want to insure, feel free to give us a call and
ask questions. Typically we say that anything worth over $5,000 should be insured, however it could be
something that is worth a couple hundred dollars, the choice is yours. We can give you a quick quote
over the phone if you have an idea of the items worth and let you decide. The policies are relatively
inexpensive and depending on which company you are with, may even offer you a multi-policy discount
on the policies that you already have.
If you do wish to purchase a policy, it is important to note that for jewelry items, an appraisal will be
required. For items such as computer or camera equipment, most times only a receipt and the item
code will be required. Please note that we do not require this information if you only wish to have a
quote done.
As always we are here for you if you have any questions and we hope that you and your families have a
safe and happy holiday season!