Spring Real Estate Market Checklist for Quick Closings!

With the Spring Real Estate Market in full swing it’s important for buyers to have a check list of
everything they need to ensure a smooth and ‘on-time’ closing! Along with mortgage approval, closing
costs and pre-paid expenses it is important to get your homeowner’s insurance in place as well. The
process is fairly easy. Once your offer has been accepted by the seller, contact your insurance agent and
let them know you will need a new insurance policy.

You will have to provide your agent with some basic information about the home, the name and contact information for
your attorney and something called the mortgagee clause. This clause you would get from your
mortgage broker and it’s simply the way your mortgage company requires they be listed on your
insurance policy. Once you get your quote back and agree to the terms- your agent will forward your
evidence of insurance to your attorney who will include that proof of insurance in with your closing
documents. Typically you pay a full year’s premium up front included in your closing costs.
The experience of closing on a home may seem daunting but making sure you are diligent and
staying ahead of your deadlines goes a long way in avoiding closing delays and mistakes. As always, you
can go your real estate agent and insurance agent for guidance. Call our office about any questions you
have with the home buying process and the important role we play as your insurance professional in the
home buying process. We are happy to be there to help you along in the closing process of your dream