Spring is officially upon us, which means warmer weather and boating season will be here before you know it!

This is the perfect time to make sure your boat or Jet Ski is in tip top shape for the upcoming season. Be sure the boat, and trailer, registration and insurance is up to date. Leave a copy of these documents on the boat with a copy of the originals filed at home. When de-winterizing the boat, or removing out of storage, be sure there was no damage to the vessel or trailer over the winter.  Also make sure both the boat and trailer are clear of mold and algae.  Verifying all the required safety items on board is an additional step you’ll want to take before putting the boat in the water.  For example, it’s important to verify fire extinguishers are not expired.  If any of the safety equipment is expired, be sure to update them before setting sail.

While on the water enjoying time with family, friends, and other boaters be mindful that there are laws that must be obeyed.  Keep an eye out for slow and no-wake zones.  Also remain diligent watching for tubers, swimmers, and water skiers. Always remember there could be divers or snorkelers out in the water.  Watch for their flags! CT state law strictly prohibits anyone from boating under the influence of drugs and, or alcohol. DUI boat charges are taken very seriously and licenses will be suspended as a result of the violation.

Lastly, it’s extremely important that children always wear a life jacket while on board your boat and wear the safety device at all times, even while on the docks. This is also highly recommended for adults who do not know how to swim.

For a list of boating laws and requirements visit www.ct.gov/deep.boating.  If you have questions on how to properly insure your boat or Jet Ski, call our agency today and speak with our staff!