Each year we recognize September as Life Insurance Awareness month. Over the past year we’venoticed an increased focus on life insurance throughout the pandemic. Due to that increased demand, we want to continue raising that awareness with our most valuable clients and individuals in our community to educate you on life insurance. Over the next few weeks you can expect to receive informational emails and social media posts from us to continue raising awareness about life insurance. Life insurance can be a difficult purchase, especially when it comes to figuring out what company, what type and how much life insurance you need. Our agency has put together a simple process for individuals to purchase life insurance that helps address how much, and what type of life insurance is most afford able, and most suitable for you and your family. We also offer free policy reviews for those who have life insurance to verify appropriate coverage and beneficiary designations. For those who haven’t gotten around to purchasing life insurance, we encourage you to reach out to go through our simple life insurance buying process. You can schedule a time over the phone by calling Alex at 203-574-1860 or send an email to [email protected] If you follow us on social media you can also message us there. Thanks and stay tuned for more information about life insurance this month!