About Michelle Brewster

Animal lover, Nature lover and Insurance Agent! Michelle has been with Montagno for over six years and has been a licensed producer for over a year. When she is not working Michelle loves spending time outdoors with her two dogs and husband. Aside from being newly married, Michelle is also a new homeowner as well!

Why did my insurance rates go up?


One of the most commonly asked questions in the insurance industry is “Why did my insurance rates go up?” Everyone has experienced this at one time or another and the truth is that there could be many reasons as to the rate increase. In this article we will cover the most common reasons as to

Insuring Valuable Items


The holidays are time when gifts given and received. Often times those gifts are of significant monetary and even emotional value. As such, it is important to know that valuable items are eligible to be insured on an insurance policy. Examples of common items scheduled on an insurance policy include jewelry, fine art, photography equipment,

Agency Pandemic Response


During these unprecedented times of  the COVID-19 global health crisis, the staff at Montagno Insurance Agency and the companies that we represent are here for you! Each company has responded and has offered ‘Stay-at-Home’ discounts during the months of quarantine when most people were at home and off the roads. The