What Life Insurance should I get?


What Life Insurance should I get? A common question that pops up on everyday search engines these days!  Making a life insurance decision is not as easy as advertisements make it seem.  There are so many companies, so many types, and how much life insurance do you even need?  Well, here’s a few pointers to

Why did my insurance rates go up?


One of the most commonly asked questions in the insurance industry is “Why did my insurance rates go up?” Everyone has experienced this at one time or another and the truth is that there could be many reasons as to the rate increase. In this article we will cover the most common reasons as to

Insurance or registration first?


Shopping for a new car often times requires some research, test driving, haggling over price and sometimes securing financing for vehicle.  Then what?  We are often asked which comes next:  registering the vehicle or securing insurance. Connecticut, like many other states, has compulsory insurance requirements.  In order to register a vehicle with the CT Department

Insuring Valuable Items


The holidays are time when gifts given and received. Often times those gifts are of significant monetary and even emotional value. As such, it is important to know that valuable items are eligible to be insured on an insurance policy. Examples of common items scheduled on an insurance policy include jewelry, fine art, photography equipment,

Keeping our homes safe and claims free this holiday season!


As the holidays swiftly approach and we begin welcoming family and friends to our home for small gatherings (according to state and local Covid-19 safety guidelines) it’s important we take appropriate care of our homes. Many of us are finding time together with loved ones and friends outdoors on decks, patios and driveways to do

Commercial Insurance | Business Interruption Claims & Covid 19


Many Business Interruption claims have been denied Coverage fall under 'Property Coverage' Pending Litigation may change the future of Interruption coverage No one could have predicted the uncertainty and financial impact the Covid 19 Coronavirus has created in 2020.  Many business owners start their fiscal year in January and look forward to their future earnings. 

Winter Preparation | Homeowner Tips ☃️


  With the winter months looming it is a great time to start preparing homes for the cold months that lie ahead!  Implementing these suggestions can not only help avoid common winter related home insurance claims but more importantly keep your family safer during the winter season! Winterize your pipes.  Foam pipe sleeves or heating