Alexander Casella | Runner, Biker, Soccer Enthusiast and Financial Services

"We start off with the basics..."

Clients will notice a new face in the office when visiting the Montagno Insurance Agency as a new member has joined the team! The agency is excited to introduce Alexander Casella as the newest member of their team!  Alex joins the Waterbury based insurance group after a long-standing relationship to the agency.

Alex strives to be a resource to clients. In a recent discussion about joining the Montagno Insurance Agency he stated,  “My goal is to be the person clients call when they have a question about their finances.  I encourage them to call, email, or text me at any time with questions.  I strive to be accessible and collaborative.”

Alex comes to the agency with an enthusiastic approach to the world of finance and several years of experience in various areas of personal finance.

Alex became licensed in 2009 and has developed a comprehensive understanding of insurance and financial services through his time working alongside successful advisors in the financial planning industry.    He proudly brings several years of experience in life, disability-income and other insurance vehicles to Montagno.  Alex recognizes the key to financial success goes beyond the products as solutions. He emphasizes the value of the advisor-client relationship, and focuses on effectively integrating and coordinating important financial options. The concepts he shares with clients are concepts he uses to manage his own finances.

Outside of his role in the agency, Alex is active in the soccer community as an avid soccer official and mentor.  He has been refereeing soccer for over 20 years at the professional level, as well as Division One College and High School levels.  He is also devoted to the development of youth soccer officials in Connecticut, and spends time mentoring new referees.  While he’s disappointed the United States and Italy are not in this year’s World Cup he’s rooting for Belgium and Germany.

When Alex isn’t working with a client or on a soccer field, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.  He currently lives in North Branford, CT with his girlfriend, Jessie, and their two cats Drake and Daphne.  He is passionate about food, enjoys cooking and trying new things!  Alex and Jessie are enthusiasts of outdoor activities and enjoy running, hiking, biking, and kayaking.

Alex is also active with community service and volunteers his time to local charitable causes.  He was a founding member of a community based Rotaract Club, sponsored by Rotary International District 7980. For his dedication to community service, Alex was recognized by Rotary International with the distinguished Paul Harris Award.  Alex is planning to join a local Rotary Club in the foreseeable future.

Kim Fitzgerald, partner at the Montagno Agency, spoke about Alex’s recent addition to the team.  “I’ve worked with Alex and I know the kind of guy he is.  We share similar values and a common vision on the industry, which attracted him to our firm. We now have a member of our team who can help our clients who have questions about other areas of insurance and personal finance.  I’ve always been passionate about our agency being a resource to our community and clients, and Alex brings that same approach to the agency.”

Mark Montagno, Kim’s partner, whose father started the agency 54 years ago, made a similar statement when asked about Alex’s addition to the group stating, “I’ve been in the insurance business for several years and have known a variety of producers.  I’ve seen the way Alex works with clients.  He’s patient and always professional.  He’s going to be in this business for a long time and I trust his commitment to the clients. He emulates the same confidence our agency was built on over fifty years ago, which is a core value of the agency. I’m excited to have him on our team.”

Alex spends time with individuals and business owners discussing budgeting, debt management, being properly insured and important guidelines for successful personal finance. “We start off with the basics,” says Alex as he describes his process and approach to personal finance.  “These days, after college or trade school, people are sent off into the workforce without the basics of personal finance.  We’re handed an employee benefits packet and told how much we will get paid, and then we are on our way.”  Alex emphasizes the educational portion of his process that helps clients understand all these financial “things” and how they fit into the overall picture.  Alex’s licenses include Life, Health, Property and Casualty insurance, and Series 6 and 63.  Alex is currently working toward earning a designation in finance to further his education.

Alex expressed his gratitude in his closing remarks to Kim, Mark and those who have mentored him over the years.  He commented, “I’m incredibly lucky and thankful to have worked with some incredibly talented mentors over the years that have put me in a position to be approached by Kim and Mark to join their team. I’m really excited to be here!”