For those of us who own pets, they are a part of our family! Day and night, they surround us with their
love during nap-time with the kids, family dinners, a walk in the park or rides in the truck. And just like us
humans; Pets require preventive healthcare and treatment for when they get sick or accidents occur.
The out-of-pocket expenses can greatly impact a family’s budget, especially when they come
unexpectedly. As these pet-health expenses become more obvious, insurance carriers are taking steps
to help families stay within reasonable costs to keep your furry family member healthy.

Here at the Montagno Insurance Agency, one of our carriers has started working with the Hartville Pet
Insurance Group to provide multiple insurance plans for pets.

This company offers multiple plans with various benefits to cover items from routine wellness visits to
emergency health services. Insurance benefits such as coverage for vaccines, preventive flea and other
treatments, unexpected illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations and dental trauma are some of the several
benefits available under a pet insurance policy.

Pet insurance provides peace of mind to ensure affordable health care your entire family and can avoid
impacting your finances. Like other types insurance, it’s important to review the various pet insurance
options to find a plan that is suitable based on the needs of you and pets. Here at the Montagno
Insurance agency we take pride in providing several types of insurance coverage to families and are
happy to assist you in finding the right fit for you and your pet today!