Agency update fall 2020

Greetings!  We hope this edition of our newsletter finds you well and healthy!  Fall is upon us and it is my favorite season.

There’s no question 2020 has been quite the year! The Coronavirus has presented us unique challenges for our families and businesses.  The stay-at-home orders occurred roughly six-months ago and we all experienced concerns about remaining healthy and not spreading the virus.  Frustrations grew as several items were out of stock for extended periods of time at grocery stores.  Some of our favorite restaurants and social gathering spots faced challenges to adopt safety guidelines that allowed them to continue to safely serve patrons and keep their businesses open.  Many juggled the remote work environments and responsibilities to also assist our children with distance learning at home.

Like many, I’ve been disappointed by canceled events, gatherings and vacations.  I’ve also been frustrated dealing with long lines and remaining vigilant to comply with safety guidelines to keep me and my family healthy.  Recently, a friend asked how my summer was and found myself enthusiastically saying “it was great!”  I’ve kept up with my fitness through virtual work outs, kept busy working in the yard with my son, and despite some hot days I even set up my virtual workspace on my deck to take in the warm summer sun.  I’m delighted to say we enjoyed a lot of quality time together. We even found more time in the kitchen learning new recipes, something I value.  Despite this year’s limitations we found plenty to keep us busy, healthy and happy!

Our team at the Agency continues to work remotely, also.   I’m proud to say we have continued to promptly serve the needs of our clients through email and phone.  We are fortunate to have welcomed many newcomers to Connecticut who have moved to the area and trusted our agency to deliver their insurance needs.  We are here to help when you need us!  Be sure to update our staff if you have any changes to a mobile phone number, address, or email so we can continue to seamlessly service your insurance needs.

On behalf of all of us here at the Montagno Insurance Agency, please accept our sincere gratitude for remaining patient and allowing us to work with you to provide you insurance protection. Mark and I are incredibly blessed to have built relationships with all of you, which we value.  Wishing you and your families a beautiful fall season and continued health!